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As a fellow family law attorney, I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Fraier and Attorney Maillet on several occasions. Both women have vast knowledge of complicated legal issues, conduct themselves with integrity and fierce dedication to their clients, but also have the ability to manage client expectations when the circumstances warrant. THEIR REPUTATION IN OUR INDUSTRY IS SECOND TO NONE.

—Attorney Jade Rezvani

We don’t think of ourselves as ever needing a lawyer but trust me, it happens. My son needed a lawyer during a custody battle. We wanted the best lawyer out there. How do you know? Where do you go? We found Jane Fraier and hired her. We found Jane to be very knowledgeable, reliable, and most accommodating. WITHOUT HESITATION I WOULD RECOMMEND JANE if you are seeking a lawyer for family matters.

—Sandra Tetreault

A divorce is one of the most difficult things a family can go through; having a knowledgeable, professional lawyer to represent you is imperative. MONIQUE IS EXTREMELY WELL-VERSED IN WHAT SHE DOES. She’s calming during a very turbulent, emotional time, and she listens to your concerns. SHE IS THE BEST THERE IS, AND I CANNOT RECOMMEND HER HIGHLY ENOUGH.

—Nicki Ghilardi

A divorce is hard enough maybe the most difficult life changing event in ones life! The very capable and professional lawyers here make you feel welcome immediately and guide you through the process in a respectful and Honest way!!! They don’t need commercials made up for them I’m living proof that they are family like and professional that go beyond the final court date!!!! THANK YOU TO ALL AT FRAIER  AND  MAILLET,P.C.!!

—Chris Nuttle

Even lawyers sometimes need a lawyer… 
I have interacted with Attorneys Jane Fraier and Monique Maillet frequently over the past several years, whether seeking their opinions on complicated matters or facing off in court.  When I had my own personal issue, I knew exactly where to turn.  Jane handled my case with tact and was able to resolve it without a single appearance in court.  I have sent personal friends to them who also voiced positive experiences. I HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE IN THESE LAWYERS and do not hesitate recommending them for any divorce/family law matter.

—Attorney Jim Walckner

ATTORNEY JANE FRAIER IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS! Jane undoubtedly earns the status of a Subject matter expert in matrimonial law. Coupled with Jane’s entire team’s practice of flexibility and selfless efforts to the client, anyone who chooses this firm can rest assured they will be in the best situation possible. Thanks Fraier & Maillet PC !

—Michael Connors

We found Fraier & Maillet, P.C. while looking for information on child support modifications. There was a very informative article posted on their website. My husband called and we made our first appointment to speak with Jane Fraier. From that moment on we were in great hands. Jane is a very straightforward and honest person. She gives very candid advice and never made a promise she couldn’t keep. Jane was responsive to our calls and emails and we felt like a team collaborating and brain storming our case. More importantly we felt respected throughout the process even at the most difficult times. IN THE END, JANE ACHIEVED A WIN FOR US! Words cannot describe how grateful we are and what that has meant to our family. It made all the difference in our lives! We highly recommend Fraier and Maillet, P.C.

—Julie B

Going through our divorce was an extremely difficult time. Fraier & Maillet were incredible. Jane Fraier and Monique Maillet take a common sense approach, which isn’t all that common in divorce.THEY ARE FAIR AND FIRM. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY BOTH JANE AND MONIQUE ARE WELL-RESPECTED ONCE YOU GET INTO COURT. Today, my ex-wife and I are able to communicate openly, which is the best thing for our boys. I can’t thank Jane and Monique enough for their help and guidance before, during and after our divorce. I give them my highest recommendation.

—Al Bergeron

We worked with Monique Maillet for my daughter’s adoption.WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FIRM, they were a pleasure to work with.

—Laura Wyrsch

I have worked with Attorney Fraier as both a litigator and mediator over the years.  Her thoughtful and deliberate manner, combined with her expertise in the area, provide mediation clients with a clear path to resolve their domestic relations issues.ATTORNEY FRAIER TREATS CLIENTS WITH RESPECT AND WORKS TO CREATE A FAIR AND BALANCED PROCESS. Regardless of the complexity of the matter, she ensures that both parties have an understanding of the issues and the decision-making process.HER MANY YEARS AS A LITIGATOR BENEFITS HER MEDIATION CLIENTS as she can offer a unique perspective and workable solutions to issues that often seem insurmountable to mediation clients.

—Attorney Teresa C. Scibelli

MONIQUE MADE ME FEEL COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT THAT I WAS IN GOOD HANDS. She was reasonable and straightforward with her legal guidance during my divorce case, so I always knew what to expect. When we interacted, she was very attentive and I felt that she used my time efficiently. Throughout the course of the proceedings, she was professional and I felt that she knew the legal system very well.

—Erica Freel

Video Chat Services: We provide video chat divorce and family law mediation services for your safety and convenience.